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Careful and thoughtful approach to moving in New Residents

June 8, 2020

Safety and Comfort is our priority

As businesses start to rebound and we see our sector’s restrictions starting to relax, we are grateful that we have enjoyed a healthy environment.  It has been our strict measures of safety that has helped us stay well.  We know that resuming some activities will improve the quality of our residents lives, but it also will help seniors in the community, who are needing or wanting to transition to Kingsbridge, the chance to do so.

The pandemic brought a lot of fear into our lives.  For those who are still living at home, with strained resources, it has been very challenging.  For some, in our conversations with you, we have heard your concerns about moving, as you worry about exposing yourself to undue risk.  During this time,  you may have struggled with isolation and lack of proper supports.  We hope this note helps you to understand all that we are doing as we are now accepting new residents again.  You don’t need to wait any longer.

We continue to have daily screening in place, reduced group sizes for activities and our dining room is now open with social distancing measures in place.  We are not allowing visitors in our building, with the exception of approved essential workers.  These are examples of how we are keeping our residents and staff safe.

If a staff member or resident is unwell, we have tested them for COVID-19.  All testing has received negative results.

Our staff wear protective masks and we have full PPE for use with any resident that may be on a 14 day quarantine restriction, as per Public Health guidelines.  Our staff are fully trained in infection control protocols and updated on any new precautionary practice that is mandated by Public Health.

Our residents and staff have remained optimistic and cooperative.  We have created our own fun and made the best of the situation.  You may have seen our Facebook page and enjoyed some of the activities we have posted.
Chef Rick has delivered delicious meals and his cheerful staff have been a highlight of every day for our residents.  Now that our dining room is open again, this social atmosphere seems even better than ever.
Gratitude seems to be abundant.  Residents, family members and staff are grateful for the care and attention we have paid to keep everyone well.  We have received many words of thanks and this has inspired us to have a great attitude throughout.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and chat with Taimi or Brittany about a move to Kingsbridge.
We can send off links to our virtual tours and discuss all the choices that Kingsbridge offers you.

You may have experienced an ‘Ah-ha’ moment during these past weeks and wondered how much better life could be if you were surrounded by the caring people that work and live at Kingsbridge Retirement Community.  What’s stopping you?  Come to Kingsbridge!

Do you want to know more?  Give us a call!

Kingsbridge Retirement Community is OPEN!

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