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Forest Therapy Club for Seniors

About this event :

Kingsbridge Retirement Community is pleased to introduce a Forest Therapy Club for Seniors, lead by a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.  Participants will contribute to the planning of each outing.  We will visit natural areas throughout the Kingston area.  Each walk will be uniquely crafted by our guide.  The practice of Forest and Nature Therapy, also known as Shinrin Yoku, has been proven to offer many health benefits, including reduced stress; improved concentration and creativity; boosted immune functioning; increased feelings of comfort; decreased blood pressure; and overall better mood and restful sleep, to name a few. Enjoy an easy, slow-paced walk, connect with the natural world and to yourself.  You will be invited to open your senses and experience the forest.  It will help you cherish the present and cultivate wellness.

This first meeting will introduce you to the practice of Forest Therapy.  We will discuss our options as a club and put together a walking schedule for upcoming weeks and months.  Call to register.