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Living List

March 26, 2024

From one of our residents who joined the winner of the living list!

“I would like to thank Kingsbridge and the marketing staff for sponsoring our spa day yesterday. I would like to thank Jan for the suggestion and for asking me along. The ladies at Glow Spa were all super kind. Kingsbridge is home!”


Testimonial by Sandra Gordon!

February 9, 2024

My name is Sandy Gordon, and this is my companion Daisy Mae!

I  moved to Kingsbridge Retirement Community shortly after it opened, in October 2019. It was quite an adventure, at first. Just a few of us living in this beautiful brand-new building. We got to know our new neighbors and as time passed we became good friends. The suites are very comfortable and there are choices to be made as to which suite you would like to live in. I live on the 7th floor in a unit that looks down on the inner gardens, and patio. It is a quiet place, not many street sounds can be heard. I just love my studio.

The public areas like the library and the bar are great places to meet for a morning coffee or a pre-dinner drink. The dining room is our pride and joy. The chef and all the dining room/kitchen staff try to accommodate our dietary needs, ie. diabetes, celiac, and many food allergies. If you want to keep busy, there are many choices on different days – VON exercise twice a week, yoga, swimming in our saltwater pool, and just walking our lovely long hallways for that little bit more exercise we all need. Most evenings you can find some residents playing bridge and other card games in the lounge. We have our knitting club, baking events, a book club, and an active garden club. Our library is a lovely place to sit, relax and read.

The friendly front desk staff are always ready to answer any questions you might have and Vance and Joe will try to solve most problems you may have, from computers to household repairs. We are a pet-friendly building. So Daisy Mae is welcome everywhere except of course the dining room which is off-limits, much to her dismay. Daisy Mae is a small golden retriever who loves to be with people.

Our adventures continue. Please come and visit us at Kingsbridge Retirement Community, and perhaps you too will join us!

We Couldn’t Operate Without Them!

February 5, 2024

One of our residents wrote a poem about our amazing maintenance crew.

“Words” by Lois T

“Two nice men are Vance and Joe, You really should make an effort to know, they treat you right when they answer your call., and fix your T.V and computer with no trouble at all. Joe has a beard but shaved it off, Vance started growing one all over his face, but he will never beat Joe’s what a disgrace. Vance and Joe are everywhere,  they are in such demand, that you can find them on the elevators, dragging hundreds of tools, to let you know they are not fools. So if you need help, give them a call from the lower level to the rooftop, they can fix it all. I highly recommend Vance and Joe, so I thought I would tell you so you would know. An added feature both men love my cat. Now what do you think of that? Malabu loves them when they give her a pat, and she approves of them too as she watches everything they do!.”

Testimonial from Sandra Gordon

February 5, 2024

Testimonial from our resident Sandra Gordon.

“My name is Sandra Gordon and I came to live at Kingsbridge on October 17th, 2019 they have taken care of my dietary needs all this time. I just would like to tell everyone about the special people we have in the kitchen and the diets they do for us. Lactose-free, gluten intolerant which is my problem and I am sure there are others. The staff are wonderful. I just want to give them a boost because they work very hard in the kitchen.”