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Did you create for yourself a ‘Great’ New Year’s Resolutions?

January 18, 2020

We are creatures of habit and sometimes it is challenging to think outside the box and do new things.  This can have big impact on our lives.  If you are stuck in a rut, it’s important to make some changes so that you live your best possible life.  A change can be small, but a collection of small changes can provide the momentum you need to ensure you savour every moment and get the most out of your every day.

So how do you start?  What kind of New Year’s Resolution is worthwhile?  What did you commit to?  What kind of resolution is applicable, feasible and enticing?

Consider healthy habits.  Successful Aging is measured with indicators of subjective well-being such as life satisfaction, happiness, morale, contentment and perceived quality of life.  What habits need to be altered to improve your current health and wellness?  Do some research.  For example, you might look into adding an outing to your calendar to connect socially with others.  Maybe sign up for an exercise class to increase your mobility or flexibility.  What other healthy habits do you need to start?

Go for a walk.  Research has proven that walking is good for you.  If you have the chance to walk outside in a natural setting, that is even better.  Take a friend and make it a social event.  Spend a bit of your time seeking awe.  Awe is simply the sense of wonder.  It can lift your spirits as your body benefits from the buzz from exercise.  Walk somewhere that is new to you.  Look at things with fresh eyes, just as a child would discover something new.  Exercise and awe.  What a wild combination!  Enjoy.

List of goals, dreams, aspirations.  Do you have one?  You probably have some things that you have wanted to do, but just haven’t gotten around to them.  Think about them.  Figure out a way to make them happen, at least one or two this year.  Go on a trip, join a class and learn something new; write your memoir; and continue to work on your thoughtful, meaningful and intentional aspects of your legacy.

Stay connected.  Life is more meaningful when we share it with others.  It may be challenging to stay in touch with those who are far away, but technology might help.  Reach out to friends and family.  Make it part of your routine to chat.  Kindness, gratitude, trust and laughter can bring great joy.  Lend your ear, share ideas, offer perspective and grow richer and deeper relationships.

Breathe.  My grandmother taught me three important lessons.  1. Say nice things to yourself.  2. Look for the silver lining to every cloud.  3. Start each day with optimism – ‘this day will be a good day’.  It’s easy to become distracted with the busyness of our world and forget to ensure that we appreciate the day that we are in.  This approach will help you enjoy life to the fullest.  Savour the moment and don’t miss out on small pleasures.

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