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Goodbye 2020… Hello 2021

December 21, 2020

The year of 2020 will not be forgotten as it has represented a lot of things to each of us.  Above all, it has helped us to realize that being part of a community like Kingsbridge can successfully bring us through challenging times as we support and inspire each other.  The relationships that we have built have brought us comfort.  We connected with each other to share stories, laugh, create new memories and bring encouragement each day.  We have found strength in this way.  We lived up to our mission of living and working in a positive, vibrant and caring environment. Everyone has taken their role in halting the spread of the coronavirus seriously.  For this we are deeply grateful.

Kingsbridge has welcomed many new residents over these past few months and they have been received by our existing residents and staff with extra love and attention as they transition into their new home.  We have been proud to offer a safe and happy environment.

The vaccine will soon arrive.  Kingsbridge residents will receive it in priority, because they live in a retirement community.  We have already registered for our delivery and we are optimistic about having it quickly.  We are ready!

In the meantime, we will continue to follow all directives by Kingston Public Health, The Retirement Regulatory Authority and the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility.

We are deeply appreciated of each and every staff member of Kingsbridge, as well as community partners, community members and our very own residents.  We have worked our way through this year of 2020.  Thank you for trusting us.  We have all dug down deep to be resilient and positive.

As we celebrate the coming of a new year, we look forward to overcoming the threat of the coronavirus.  This will certainly cause us to feel the elation of the freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country and in our lives in the past.  We look forward to getting back to our lives with a fresh perspective and renewed vigour.



We are wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and an incredible Happy New Year!

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